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D'arcy De Anges

D'arcy de Anges

Played by: Darcy_de_anges

Name: D’arcy de Anges

Title (If any): Unknown

Alias(s) & Nicknames (If any): Darc, Angel (Only used by one person, but she won’t comment about it)

Age (Either actually birth date, or vampire birth): 232

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 124

Family: Mother, Father, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, all dead

Psychological Profile:

D’arcy is not a very trusting Vampire.  She fears for the safety of those she actually cares about to much, and try's to keep some kind of distance though usually she fails miserably. She's kept more the one human characteristic that she try's to hide, not liking to admit she's more human mental than she wants to appear.


D’arcy was turned into a Vampire when she was only 22 years old. She was the daughter of an upper class family, closely tied to the royalty of the time. D’arcy never liked the life, and was often in trouble for behavior that was un-lady like. She was often rude to other, and tended to spend most of her time inside.

One night while out at a ball, she left without telling her parents to walk back to their home. On the way she was attacked by a vampire. She fought back, but it was to no avail. She thought this was how she would die, until the vampire gave her his blood.

To this day she has no idea who her maker was. He disappeared as soon as he made her. She was aware enough of legends to discover what she was, and she hid in her home, afraid to leave. The only time she was out was to feed.

But this life was not meant to be. After a visit to the Theater de Vampires, (almost 10 years since she was transformed) and she saw what her kind could be, and she never wanted to hide as she had been. But she also didn’t want to be apart of this group. However, she had caught the attention of one of those in the group, a campire named Ranae.

He left with her to travel around Europe, teaching her what she had never learned. He discovered that she did have a rather good skill when it came to reading minds and the like, and deliberately left most of the teachings he could have given her to strengthen this gift out. He didn’t want her to have any ability to rival his own, as he liked her being more in a capacity as someone to serve him.

This entire arrangement ended less than 20 years after it started. D’arcy meet a twin brother and sister who were to be put to death for the murder of their uncle, only D’arcy had discovered that they had killed him only because he had attacked them. She turned them both into Vampires, and left the country with them, going to the America’s.

They spent most their time traveling from place to place, keeping out of sight, and it lasted for well over 100 years, when a fourth was added to their small coven. Another vampire named Garrett. The lived in California up until the time when Akasha was released on the world.

D’arcy had heard her old master, Ranae, calling her. She’d gone to him, only to kill him when he tried to attack her and drink from her to heal himself. When she returned home, she found all three of those she’d left behind dead. Burned to death by Akasha. To this day D’arcy is unsure how she had escaped expect to not be in the direct line of fire as the others were.

She moved at once, becoming a loner again, and took up a job as a Fine arts Dealer. It left plenty of excuses as to why she’d only be found at night, and why she could travel when and wherever she wanted. She has a human man that is in her employ, though she has no respect for him or any other mortal.

She often frequents Dracula’s Daughter, though hardly socializes, opting instead to mostly watch others who come through the bar. She’s afraid to become attached to anyone again, because up till now all those that she has become attached to have died.

Other Information:

D’arcy de Anges with the meanings translated into English means : Dark of the Angels