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Name: Loki (last name kept a secret)

Age: 20

Weight: 120

History: Lokiís past life is kept a secret by him. He was born in Paris to unknown parents. Around the age of 10 he began seeing winged beings that he identified as angels and claimed that they spoke to him. His family was very well to do and they became paranoid that Lokiís un-natural behavior would bring down their social status.

They brought him to a priest who tried to use ancient tactics to bleed the ďevilĒ out of him. The priest claimed that the visions were tricks by the devil and when the bleeding didnít work (and left him near dead) the priest then tried to force the demon out by making him fast and whispering prayers night and day. However, the angels still came and his parents were left with little to no options in their minds.

They handed him over to a secret organization called the Talamascan, and without a goodbye left him. He grew up around them, and while his visions of these angels have been documented, none have appeared that fascinated with him. His gift, while rare, is only studied rarely.

When he was 18 he came across a book written by a vampire named Vittorio. It was one of the focuses of many of the Talamascan groups and when he read it, he felt a kinship with this one. Some of the angels he had described appeared in the book and now he came to know their names and much more.

He went to the superior general (David Talbot) at the time and requested permission to seek Vittorio out. However, he was told that the Talamascanís policy was very strict, and that only harm would befall him. He became watched from that moment on, classified as one who they werenít sure of.

Two years have passed since the reading of that book, and he still holds it very close to him. He has had only a few lovers, and hes lost them when he claims to see angels. He is a bit of a rebel with causing trouble for the Talamascanís, and has been threatened with being kicked out before.

The only thing that keeps him in line is the knowledge that he has no where to go and no money by which to support him. He is now twenty years old and his experiences have come to shape him into an unpredictable and sometimes unreasonable person. He sees himself guided by supernatural means, and he contains a personal desire to seek out those means.