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Louis de Point du Lac


Played by: leia105

"An Immortal with whom mortals fall in love"

Louis De Pointe Du Lac.  The only vampire to keep a mortal heart and sense of being and the love and fledgling of Lestat.  Born in the year 1766 destined to become one of the more popular and recognized vampires although all of this means very little to him and at times he's come to loathe it.

1791 was the year it happened.  Lestat offered him the choice and he accepted it.  He believed death to hold the key to all the happiness that had left him.  However, he was wrong and if anything death just brought greater pain cascading down his soul.

Known for being the author of the New York Time's best selling book Interview with the Vampire is not in his eyes an accomplishment.  He told his story to rid himself of the guilt he felt and to open up to another being like he hadn't done in years.  Although he never truly meant to keep it from being published he never meant for it to be published either.

A complex being whose soul makes his decisions for him.  He is the silent one who will hang away from a crowd and who thinks about what he is about to do.  Overly careful and perhaps in others eyes he thinks far too much.  However, without that thinking and sense of being he would be like the others and that he has no wish to be.

Having loved and lost only a few times his list of lovers could never equal even 1% of Lestats.  He clung to Claudia in the early years Lestat's temperament and behavior enough at times to make him stay hidden from him for days on end.  The silent one whose experiences while not as dramatic as Lestats still remain close to his heart.

Having left his simple plantation life long ago only to embark on the devils road with Lestat and the others.  A private being whose soul knows no distance his heart can't conquer.  Determined to keep his mortal self-alive and not succumb to a blood-sucking demon as some of the others have done.

A person who needs the constant companionship and stability of friends he never held in mortality.  A rose yet to bloom in a savage garden full of thorns.  Until immortality itself comes to a close he will forever be this way.