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Follow them or Die!

1.You cannot post actions for another player's character unless you have been given express permission to do so.

2. You cannot kill off a character other than your own unless (again) you have express permission from that characters owner.

3. If you are planning on introducing a new OC, get permission first. Submit a profile of the character to: then wait for a response. You may be asked to make minor changes if the character doesnít work for this RPG.

4. Stay on the same time line as everyone else. If every other character has gone to bed, itís time for your character to get to sleep.

6.If you are going to be away from internet access for more than a day, let us know. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, let us know so that we can either put your characters somewhere out of the way, or give permission for a certain player or players to have control of your characters until you return.

7. DO NOT FLAME OTHERS ON THIS LIST! For this offence you get one warning, and then you will be banned.

8.Mary Sues will be shot on sight. No Ďgodí type characters

9. Your character cannot have any special powers, unless the story warrants it or the character works acceptably with the power.

10. For now you may have up to 1 cannon character permanently (temporarily is unlimited), and as of right now 2 OCís. (This rule can be bent.)

11. This list has an established rating of R.

12. If you want to says something out of character, put OOC in the post heading, and please keep these kind of posts to a minimum.

13. If you want to bring back a character from the books who has died, itís alright as long as there is a good reason. Not "I said so".

14. If you break any of these rules, you have 3 warnings before you will be banned from the list.  Besides that, I hope you have fun!