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Xaviere du Mal

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Name: Xaviere du Mal

Age: 28

Place of Birth: San Fransico California

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 145

Occupation: Talamscan Agent

Marital Status: Single/Never Married

Distinguishing Marks/Characteristics: Scar running diagonal across back

Nationality: American

Known Languages: French, Italian, English

Family: Mother and Father, both deceaced

Special Abilities: a sort of for-sight, were seconds before something happens he has a premonition about it, though this gift only really does him good in a fight, as he only knows about things no more then 4-5 seconds before it happens.

Special Training: Talamascan basic training, as well as extra knowledge of dark creatures and the like from being raised in a house by a family closely related to the Talamasca

Psychological Profile: Closed off about his past, though an openly friendly person. Believes that what the Talamasca do is for a good cause, though sometimes he wishes he could be more involved in what he observes. He thinks maybe somehow he can use the resources of the Talamasca to discover who his parents were, as he believe his gift was passed to him through one of them.


Xaviere was born and left in the street as an infant. He was found by a Talamascan agent who happened to be walking through the area at the time, and heard him crying. The agent found a woman who had obviously just given birth dead two streets over, killed by a vampire.

Instead of giving the baby to the care of the state, he had some strings pulled and decided to raise him as his own sun, taking up a somewhat permanent position as a floating operative. He wasn’t married and set out to raise Xaviere on his own.

Xaviere showed strange abilities as a young age, seeming to know when something was going to happen before it occurred, such as knowing the phone was about to ring, or someone was about to knock something over, though it never was more then a few seconds before it happened.

When Xavier turned 18, he showed no interest in anything except trying to use his power to a fuller extent. His adopted father didn’t like this, as it could lead down the wrong path very quickly, and introduced him into the Talamasca.

Xaviere took well to being in the Talamasca, though he had some problems at first with the non-involvement rule, but managed to get himself around that. He’s become an all around good Talamasca, though he’s been known to break a rule or two in his time.

The only bad experience he’s had while with the Talamasca was when he was 25. He was trying to help exercise a sprit from a house, and the daughter of the family, believe what he was doing was wrong, sliced him with a butcher knife in the back. He almost died of blood loss, and still bears the scar.

He’s yet to make sense to himself the attack, and why he didn’t know it was going to happen. He’s repressed most of the emotions following and involved with the attack, and tries to continue on as if it never happened.

Other Information:

Though unaware of it Xavier’s parents were both killed by Ranae, a former vampire from the Theater of the Vampires. Xaviere is the youngest in the line of Ranae’s family. Ranae had a son before he was turned, and Xaviere is his great-great-great-great (add a few more greats here) grandson. He killed Xaviere’s parents, because he didn’t like Xaviere’s mother, though he did deliberately lead the Talamasca to him as an infant to save his life.